Former Remco Hydraulics Facility

The Former Remco Hydraulics Facility (Facility) at 934 S. Main Street is an elongated, fenced parcel of approximately seven acres, located immediately adjacent to and west of U.S. Highway 101 (Main Street) in the southern portion of the City of Willits. The original Facility building was constructed on the property in 1945.

Page Property

The Page Property at 3920 Canyon Road is located approximately 3 miles northeast of the City of Willits in the eastern foothills of Little Lake Valley. The Property is located on a hill between two seasonal creeks: Darby Creek to the north and west; and an unnamed creek (Page Creek) to the east and south.

475 E San Francisco Avenue

The property at 475 East San Francisco Avenue (Property) is approximately 1.5 acres in size. It is located approximately three blocks east of State Highway 101 and one mile northeast of the former Remco Hydraulics Facility. Its closest neighbors include residences and a lumber mill and storage yard.

266 Shell Lane

The Property is comprised of an elongated parcel, approximately 40 acres in size, located
east of US Highway 101, approximately ½ mile east of the former Remco Hydraulics Facility and approximately 1,000 feet east of Baechtel Creek (a perennial stream) within the City of Willits, California.


The properties listed above are properties at which the Willits Environmental Remediation Trust has been involved.