266 Shell Lane

The property at 266 Shell Lane in Willits, California is approximately 40 acres in size, located east of US Highway 101, approximately ½ mile east of the former Remco Hydraulics Facility and approximately 1,000 feet east of Baechtel Creek (a perennial stream) (Shell Lane Property).

Approximately two acres of the southeastern portion of the Shell Lane Property was leased to Remco between 1982 and 1986. Remco reportedly utilized the leased land to store materials including hydraulic oil, drummed rinse water (generated from miscellaneous clean-up activities at the former Remco Facility), and empty drums that formerly contained coolants and oils. In the late 1970s, Remco also was reported to have used a small portion of the Shell Lane Property for pressure-testing a large hydraulic ram, which reportedly passed the pressure tests successfully.

Since 2001, the Willits Trust has conducted several environmental investigations at the property characterizing the extent of potentially Remco-related chemicals at the property, and issued a risk assessment for the property in August 2007. Based on the work conducted, the Willits Trust has requested that the RWQCB issue a "No Further Action" determination for the property and is currently waiting for a response from the RWQCB.

Further information regarding these activities can be found on the Document Depository.