About the Willits Trust

The former Remco Hydraulics, Inc. Facility, located at 934 S. Main Street in Willits, California, was operated as an industrial machining and manufacturing business from approximately 1945 through 1995. During the period of operation, it has been documented that various chemicals were handled and released to the environment.

The Willits Environmental Remediation Trust (Willits Trust) was established on August 22, 1997, by the United States Federal Court as an independent entity to characterize and remediate the former Remco Hydraulics, Inc. Facility (Remco Facility or Facility) and any contamination emanating from the Remco Facility (Site). This mandate extends to several properties in and around Willits that were identified during investigation of the Remco Facility as being potentially impacted by Remco operations. This web site provides information regarding the ongoing actions that the Willits Trust is taking to characterize and remediate the Site.


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Former Remco Hydraulics Facility

Routine Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling, April 3 through 28, 2017 (view document /download document)


Former Remco Hydraulics Facility

Evaluation of Concrete Southeast of Former Chrome Plating Shop Former Remco Hydraulics Facility, Willits, California, March 10, 2017 (view document /download document)

Annual Groundwater Extraction and Treatment System (GWETS) Effectiveness Report for 2016, Feb 21, 2017 (view document /download document)

Annual Monitoring and Sampling Report (January 1 through December 31, 2016) Former Remco Hydraulics Facility , Feb 10, 2017 (view document /download document)

Page Property

Groundwater Extraction and Treatment System Semi‐Annual Monitoring Report July through December 2016 Page Property, Jan 24, 2017 (view document /download document)

Willits Environmental Remediation Trust

Annual Report to the Court for the Reporting Period from January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016, Feb 7, 2017 (view document / download document